Stop Collections

Have you been turned away by your bank because of unpaid collection items?

Receiving letters and phone calls from collection agencies can be very stressful but there is nothing more stressful than reaching out to your bank for help and being rejected.

While most major banks turn away from the idea of helping a client who is in collections or has unpaid collection items on their credit report, there are a growing number of lenders that can accept that a client has fallen on hard times.

We have been working with these types of lenders and even enlightening them that a blemish on a credit report should not define a client or be the reason an application is accepted or declined.

The truth is bad credit is usually the result of someone experiencing a difficult time in their life and given the opportunity, they will fix it as fast as they can. Nobody arbitrarily decides they don’t want to pay their bills, rather it is a direct result of misfortune such as illness, job loss or a lay off.

If you want to alleviate collection calls, avoid legal action or just want to get your credit back on track, we can help!

No matter how bad your credit is or how many items you have in collections, we can leverage the money to help get your creditors off your back and will even negotiate to get the best settlement possible.

Credit Butler represents your best interests, not the interests of your creditors or the collection agencies calling on their behalf.